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Slow Food for the Soul


Slow Food for the Soul is the series of coloring devotional downloadable 'books' we're releasing in 2017. 

We loved the idea of the 'slow food' movement that came out a few years ago. It rebelled against the 'quick and instant fix' food that had become so popular, inspiring people to get back to feeding themselves in beautiful, nourishing, thoughtful ways.

Today's pace of life is so fast, and only getting quicker, that it can make you dizzy. We think it's time to get into some 'slow food for the soul', mindfully taking time, space and breath as we spend time with God and chew on his Word. We hope that our devotional books will help you do that.


    Each e-book features:

    • Bible coloring designs by Lorien Atwood, chosen around a theme or book from the Bible
    • a beautiful meditation piece
    • prayers
    • questions and prompts to think about the verses in their context
    • more verses to read, if you want to go further
    • creative activities such as music and art.
    • journal page for self-expression
    • And, of course, more colouring,


    Our Slow Food for the Soul coloring devotionals are flexible enough to be used by individuals for their own quiet times, in a study or fellowship group, or as the basis for a short retreat. You can use all of it, or part of it: it's entirely up to you.

    • If you're someone who struggles with anxiety, depression or chronic illness, and who appreciates Bible coloring because it's less demanding, just enjoy the coloring. New designs, and verses beautifully illustrated by Lorien's incredible designs.
    • If you're looking for someone else's insight into the verse, enjoy the meditation.
    • If you want to be challenged or inspired further in your own thinking, try the questions, prompts and further reading.