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About Coloring in Truth

Australian Artist Lorien Atwood started the Facebook group Colouring in Truth in May of 2015 to share her coloring page designs and creative scripture journaling ideas with friends. By January 2016 the group had grown from 20 members, mostly family and friends, to a global community of over 6,000 people. It has inspired the publication of Meditations, Lorien's first coloring book, the emergence of a connected group in the United Kingdom, Colouring with God, and now the introduction of Coloring in Truth USA.

Doorlight Publications launched Coloring in Truth USA in collaboration with the Australian publishing house, Firewheel Press, in January of 2016 to bring Lorien's beautiful scripture-based coloring designs to a US audience. We believe that coloring provides a unique opportunity to meditate on and explore God's word. We strive to bring you products and resources that help to foster community and inspire excitement about scripture. 

If you use these resources and enjoy them, there are ways you can share your art and stories. You can do this on our Facebook page, Coloring in Truth USA, or on Instagram using the hashtags #coloringintruth and #lorienillustrations.