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Doorlight Publications

Doorlight Publications 

Jars of Clay
was mom's first book. She had poured her soul into it. The manuscript was complete. Now what? The solution seemed obvious to us. Start a publishing company. So in 2006 Doorlight Publications was born. Then, when Jars of Clay turned out so well, the siblings came calling. Ed needed to publish a book on creation care, and since he was the first-born, he needed it fast. We produced the first edition of Our Father's World in record time. 

Rumors of Doorlight Publications unique publishing model were difficult to contain. News leaked out, and we began hearing from authors whose surname was not Brown. Our list grew from memoir to encompass theology of the environment, linguistics, satire, poetry, women's history, and children's literature. All this without paid staff, office, warehouse, inventory. Or profit.   

Now, ten years later, we have learned a lot. We are still a family operation, but our new managing editor Ruth Anne Burke is struggling mightily to make us look professional. We still don't make much of a profit, but we do make really good books. A recent title, Marilyn Gardner's Between Worlds, may be one of our best yet. 

This year we are excited to branch into something very new for us with the North American publication of Meditations and the launch of Coloring in Truth.